About Us

Are you looking for someone to renovate your house to have it improve? Good news you can do with yourself. With the help of our blog, we have different topics that will help improves your home. The number one tools you need to renovate your home is your confidence and carpentry equipment and materials. From our own experience, we want to share to you all of our failures and success in renovating and improving our own home.


The reason why we put up this blog site is that we want to share our success with all. To those couples who have a hard time to fix their home with a little budget in their hands. We created this blog since 2009 when we complete compiling all of our articles. And allow it to edit with a good editor so that we will bring a good article right in your living room. With photos and videos, we give you detail on how to improve your home part part.


Now in our decades of improving our home from the least to the biggest way of improvement we show it to you right here in our site. I and my husband are proud that we are able to help people with our simple experience. We also have other articles such as gardening, good recipes for daily meals. Also, DIY for home decorations for special occasions and just for ordinary home decorations.


With some research, we help ourselves to be more confident. To share your good home ideas and let you feel secure in our projects. For your easy browse to our site, we have different categories that you can visit. So, you check what you can get for your living room and other parts of your home inside and outside.

Until now, we are still inspired to create more articles. That will help every homeowner to improve their home in a cost-effective way.